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(Matthew 13:24-30) (Matthew 13:38)
As for the fine wheat seed, these can grow to become sons of the kingdom;   but the weed seeds can  grow to become sons of the wicked one.
Which seed will you water in your heart?
Please note: As with any article all Christians should endeavor to make "personal application" in our "hearts" the place where the seeds have been planted.  The fine seed is God's word.    The weed seeds are the lies of Satan... (words of Satan).  They come from the enemy Satan...the wicked one.
What is the fine seed?
(Mark 4:14) (Luke 8:11)
 Remember where the seeds are planted?...In the heart.
 (Luke 8:12) (Mt 13:19) (Luke 8:15)

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Seeds Grow and Mature

Wheat or Weed article continued here:

Each individual has a choice. You have dedicated yourself to God and he has chosen you to do his will as a member of Christ's body.  However you are not sealed before your testing. All of Jesus brothers will be sifted. (Luke 22:31) As with any enrollment, there is usually a final graduation which requires one to pass all their tests and "follow through".
The "anointed" chosen ones are identified as the "wheat" or the "sons of the kingdom" when they become fully mature, however any person can respond to the "WORD" of God and grow into a "mature" Christian...a full grown Christian.  It is God who draws a person to Christ and it is his choice as to what his will for you is. He does the choosing.
The decision to be "anointed" is not ours, but how we treat Christ's brothers is our choice.
Those individuals (chosen ones) with a potential to grow into wheat (A son of the Kingdom) can turn bad if they do not cultivate the fine seed that was planted in their heart.  If they allow the weed seeds that are planted from Satan to take over their heart then they become weeds. If they neglect the fine seeds the weeds will take over. Much depends on which seeds they cultivate in their hearts. (Matt 13:24,27,28)

Although in Matthew chapter 13 Jesus calls the "world" the field according to "translations", he also calls the seed the word. 

(Mark 4:14)(Luke 8:11)  
Now the Apostle Paul says that we are God's "field"
(1 Corinthians 3:9) 
 When comparing all the Gospel accounts it is quite clear that the "seed... the word..." is planted in our hearts .  So while we live in this "world", true Christians are also God's field (1 Cor.3:9) and the seed is planted in our hearts.  This is quite clear.

The seed when fully grown in your heart becomes the person you will be.   (1 Cor 15:37) 

Jesus sows the seed...the word of God in your heart...if you cultivate it you can become a son of the kingdom.

Take note of these scriptures. The "word" of God (Luke 8:11) and where it is planted or implanted as well as where it does it's work. 
 It does it's work in you.  
(1 Pet 1:23) ( James 1:18, 21) ( 1 Thess 2:13)

Although bible translations may call the field the world, it takes more than a translation of one scripture to get the whole truth. We should compare many scriptures and the context in order to arrive at a more clear conclusion.
There are many shades of meanings to Greek words as well as English words...this is why there are so many difficulties trying to explain what Jesus actually was referring to ...(Welcome to "my world")
It is also good to look up the actual Greek...kosmos in Greek is translated as "world" in English... the Greek translation of kosmos is "system" or as Thayer's Greek lexicon says..."apt and harmonious arrangement".   Any arrangement for a specific purpose or design can be called a "world".  
Pearl Doxsey brings out in a post... that the "world" or "system" that Jesus was referring to was the Jewish system.  
Jesus was only sent to the lost sheep of Israel  (Matt 15:24) (John 1:11). 
The Pharisees were upset because "the whole world has gone after him" (John 12:19) was their world that concerned the Pharisees.  

Once again...we must pay attention to the context and even search carefully for the actual Greek meanings often...Pearl covers much in this respect also.  see her post on "world, earth, home:

 It is quite clear that (1 Corinthians 3:9) says that we are God's field. 

 We live on this planet and can be affected by the seeds of Satan or we can respond to the word/seeds of Jesus and God. 
(Matthew 13:24,27,28)

 Jesus says to all of us, "come be my follower".
 If two "brothers" go to the same "church", hear the same sermons, read the same bible, and attend the same bible study groups, then both are having the word /seed sown in their hearts.  One brother may meditate on it well and nourish that word (Luke 8:15) (Matt 13:23) ,  ... but perhaps his brother meditates less  and follows a different course. 

 As the scriptures say "Satan's birds come and snatch away the seeds that were sown in the heart." 
(Luke 8:12) (Matt 13:19)   

The possibility also exists that we will cultivate the weed seeds that Satan sows.  We all have this battle between good and bad.
 (Romans chapter 7)

Depending on the condition of the soil of your heart, thorns will choke out the word.  If your heart's soil is shallow the word/seed will grow for a while, but then when persecution comes the growth slows down.  
Now combine this with the the scripture in Matthew saying that the "enemy" / Satan, comes along and sows his seeds right in there next to the ones that Jesus has sown.  The picture begins to become more clear.  
The context is more than the verses around a scripture, or the Chapter itself.  The entire Bible can be looked to for scriptures to clarify the truth.  I believe the Bible is like a puzzle of a thousand pieces or so.  When you pour the pieces out on the table it can seem overwhelming.  The only thing that can help us to put the entire picture together is prayer for Holy Spirit.   
Of course once a wheat seed has grown and fully matured in the heart of a person, he can become a "son of the kingdom".  As matured wheat, they can then sow their own seeds of truth.  A plant produces seeds of it's kind.  Jesus did this when he died.  (John 12:24)
 (Matt 13:23)  (2 Cor 9:10) (Ec 11:6) (1 Cor 15:37) 
 It is the seeds that are sown.  
The person is what the seed can become. 

Here is a post by Pearl Doxsey that relates to our subject.
Pearl connects words like "earth", and "world" to their Greek meanings.  It is a very good update at
The post can be found here: ... who-is-earth. ...There are also other links to her main article on this subject.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------                            Wheat or Weeds article continued here:
  Even ones "chosen" to be of the body of Christ by God, can prove in the end...that they neglected to follow God with a complete heart. They allowed the weed seeds to grow. 
For a physical comparison just take a look at the physical nation of Israel for example:

In the old nation of Israel all who were born as an "Israelite" were instructed in the law.  However, how did they respond to the teachings of the law that they all received ?  Did they all remain good?  It is a fact that many of the Jews as well as the Kings of Israel were doing what was bad.
Just a few examples:
 High Priest Eli's sons were bad. (1Sam.2:12, 22, 23, 24, 27, 28, 29, 31)
Saul was chosen as the first King of Israel, but he turned bad.
(1Sam.8:4, 5, 6, 7) (1Sam.9:18, 19) (1Sam.10:1) (1Sam.19:9, 10, 11) (1Sam.20:31, 32, 33)

Then of course Wise King Solomon who started out good.

 In the end he turned bad. (1Kings11:4, 5, 6) 

Individual Christians, can turn bad, by being drawn out by their own desires. 
(James1:14, 15)
Let's take a look at this:
Jesus sows fine wheat seed in your heart. (God’s word) (Luke8:11) (Mark4:14)
  Satan sows weed seeds in your heart.  (Matt.13:24-30)  Jesus said to let both seeds grow together until the harvest. 
 God's word says that if a person turns to doing good...he will live. (Eze.33:19) It also says that if a good person begins to do bad...he will die.   (Eze.33:18) Obviously it indicates that people can change... both types of seed grow together in the heart.
Much is up to us as to which seeds we cultivate in our hearts. Much depends on us as to how well our garden grows. We must keep an eye on it constantly.
Your heart is the tract of soil... We are God's field... (1 Cor 3:9) 
Our heart is where the seeds are sown.                  
See (Matt.13:19) (Luke8:15)
Most farmers plant more than one seed in each field of soil.  We can have both seeds planted within our  soil - heart.    Satan can plant more than one seed in your heart. However, if one seed (Like Pride) uses all of our food, water, and light... then any of the good seeds (God's word) that Jesus planted can fail to grow.
This being said the question is: 
Wheat or Weeds, Which will they become?

In a Watchtower "study article" the Watchtower implies that the...members of the Governing Body were "sown" as "sons" of the kingdom. ( Or to put it more bluntly...that they were sown as full grown wheat plants, not seeds)
This reasoning is used to show that the Governing body members are fine wheat.  So how can they ever be the "unfaithful”, evil, wicked slave spoken about in Luke chapter 12.  The WT says that the evil slaves are the other "anointed ones" who disagree with the "current understanding" that is being taught by the GB and the Organization.

But wait a minute...let us turn the clock back a little bit. (History shows that the Governing Body has disfellowshipped  other members of the Governing Body...who have had a difference of scriptural opinion with the entire group). 
(Around 1980 not only was a GB member thrown out (John 16:2), but also there was a great "cleansing" from "Bethel" of about 200 members ...note... use of the name "Bethel" by the WT is blasphemously misapplied ...Gen.28:12,13,16,19; Rev.13:6; Acts 7:48; Hebrews 3:6; 1 Peter 2:5, 9  

This "cleansing" is done to those who do not submit to their interpretations.  (Those who adhere to what the "Bible really teaches as opposed to what the "current understanding" is, are thrown out)

(Luke 12:45) The WT says that  the "evil slave" can only be applied to other ones who do not submit to them.  How convenient.  
 But is this based on scripture? ...No, because...

As we have seen ...from the scriptures previously cited...any person can turn bad?

We know that perfect angelic spirit creatures (Satan and his demons) turned bad?    
 What about free will? 
What about King Saul and King Solomon?

Why did Jesus say "if ever" ...if it was impossible for this to happen?   
"If ever that slave should say in his heart, "MY Master" delays coming...Luke 12:42, 45, 46) ...verse 46 says "the master of that slave"... 
Which slave?
Luke 12:42 confirms that it is the steward or house manager that is being referred to here.

So it is possible ...for any Christian...(Governing Body included)... even for perfect angels to turn bad.   (Jude 6) (Rev.2:4, 5) (Phil.3:18)

Also see (2Pet.2:1, 4, 11, 13, 20, 22) ..."ones among you" and there are many scriptures that show true Christians have an internal struggle as well.
The leadership of the Watchtower Organization, often likes to apply any negative counsel to ones who disagree and point out errors.  It is expected that all of the members of the Watchtower agree with any "current" explanations.  So you must believe the lie...until such time that God gives the Governing Body a different explanation of scripture.

Does God want us to believe lies?  Does God tell lies?  Never may that be.  (Romans 3:4)

Remember, "that slave" (The Steward slave of Luke12:42, 45, 46) is still in charge when the Master returns.   "That slave" is running things and HE is beating his fellow servants.  

Any that have already been "thrown out" (John16:2) have been "beaten" by "that slave" already,  when Jesus returns to discipline the evil wicked steward slave.  Jesus severely disciplines "that Steward slave" or cuts him in two when he returns.  

That slave (Luke12:45)  is one of the "ones" - "seeds" that Jesus sowed. (The enemy sowed his seeds in this servant's heart also).
 Which seeds is he cultivating? 
Is he listening to Jesus or Satan?

 Both Jesus and Satan have sown seeds in the hearts of men...(Matt.13:24, 25, 30)  "Let both grow together until the harvest" 
The enemy came and sowed his seeds right alongside the very seeds Jesus sowed. 
The seeds are their teachings.  Jesus teaches God's word...God's word is the seed.
Satan plants his seeds in a Christian’s (heart-soil) right in there next to the ones Jesus planted. (Even in the hearts of Anointed ones)
They can both grow in the same soil, your heart. Each one is drawn out and enticed by his own desire.

 (James 1:14, 15).
 A lot is up to us as to which seeds flourish.
(Phil.3:12-16)  (2John1:8)
 Jesus had many followers ("ones" - "seeds"). When the "seeds"  grew into mature wheat-like Christians,  they went out into the fields to continue to do the work that he commanded them to do. 
The resulting growth of these "seeds" also depends on the condition of the soil. (Mark4:14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20) (Matthew 13:18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23)
The seed (Mark 4:3) is the word (Mark 4:14) of the kingdom. Also see (Luke 8:11)
It is sown in hearts (Mt 13:19) (Luke 8:15)

It is understandable that Jesus refers to the "seed" (the "one" sown) as a son, (Matt.13:38)...
the hopeful growth, resulting in a "son of the kingdom".
Note that there is a growth process as well
(Mark 4:26, 27, 28, 29). So the seed is "sown". The seed grows.
(1Cor.15:37)  That which is sown is a seed. (Luke 8:11) (Mark 4:14)

There is also a "harvest", a "conclusion of things". (Matthew 13:37-43). During this harvest time it will be evident if "one" sown turns out to be wheat or a weed. Let both grow to full maturity together until the harvest. Each one will prove what his own work is.

What will you become? 

Who of us saying to him, 'Lord, Lord', will enter into the kingdom of the heavens?.  (Matthew 7:21-23). 
He reads your hearts.  He sees what we are on the inside.
(1 Sam 16:7)
We must nurture these wheat plants as they grow. 
As any farmer knows, if you ignore a garden ... the weeds will overtake your good crops. You need to work at it, cultivate and water these growing wheat plants with pure waters of truth. You also need plenty of "light" not darkness.
(Incidentally it's much easier to root out some weeds after a good "watering" Watering with God's word along with prayer really helps.

Reading and meditating on God's word will help us to be refined. 
 (Heb 4:11,12, 13).  Some weeds in our hearts may be more stubborn and deeply rooted.  This may take time. But we can keep a constant eye on them, "cutting them down" as it were, to the base, often, and drastically if necessary. See (Matthew 5:30) 

Many people in 12 step recovery groups can understand this.
 When the harvest-conclusion arrives the wheat will be more easily identified, as will the weeds. We want fully mature wheat plants, spotless and unblemished.
(2 Pet 3:14)
If wheat plants become choked out (stunted)...if they are immature... if they are diseased...they will be burned with the weeds.  

Only clean ripened mature wheat grain is put into the storage bins.

Which farmer would put wet, unripened or diseased crops in with the good crop?  It would spoil the whole crop.  

Who mixes the good fresh food with the spoiled food?

So, these bad plants will be gathered up along with the weeds as well and pitched into the fire.
(They are viewed as weeds at this point...the actual final harvest. Only good clean wheat gets put into the storehouse.
Time (the full growth to maturity, and the fruits seen) will prove what each one will become.

The faithful or the wicked stewards are the "human" - slave "illustration"...these seeds... (planted in their hearts). 
Both illustrations are directly related to each other. They are just different illustrations.
 A "seed" grows to "become" either a "faithful" slave or a "wicked" slave. 
Only Jesus will determine if a person was a faithful genuine follower, many can "profess" it, but when the master arrives he will decide who is faithful and discreet. He will give his "well done good and faithful slave" when he "arrives".

Jesus will bring the full Kingdom of God "on earth" as it is in heaven.  We are still praying for it (Matthew 6:10).  Certainly if you just look at the condition of the world it is evident that Satan still rules it.  
(1 John 5:19)

Each one will be inspected individually
(Ro 14:12) Each one will render an account for himself alone. 
Compare this with the illustration of the slaves below: (The master gave all "his" slaves talents). 
(Mt 25:14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30)

So they were Jesus' slaves initially. 
All still have a prove faithful. The one slave who hid and buried his talent received severe discipline from his master. 
The "steward " who proved unfaithful and beat his fellow slaves, was also beaten by his master severely. 
All of the anointed are to be stewards of the word, but they were never to aspire to lord it over their brothers.  This would go in direct opposition to Jesus words. (Matthew 23:2, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11, 12)  Instead they were to feed each other what God  provided each one with.  They are one body and they all feed on it. (1Corinthians 10:17)

Any of us who want to be a Christian have to apply bible counsel to ourselves.
What kinds of seeds does Satan sow? He sows things like pride, greed, hate, and all the works of the flesh. 
Pride is a big one.
Jesus' fine seed yields the fruit of the spirit. 
The foremost one is love.
It is the identifying mark of true Christians. (John 13:34, 35) (1 John 4:8), and who can forget the Apostle Paul's words at
(1 Cor 13:1-13).
In fact Paul said if we perform lots of good things, but lack love, we are nothing and have nothing as profit at all.

 There is more to the processing of the "wheat".

The wheat is put on the "threshing floor" and threshed to strip off the chaff. Only the valuable wheat berry is desired.
So how does this "threshing" take place?

Thousands of years ago (and even today in some places) farmers put the wheat on the threshing floor and dragged a "Tribulum".  This device was pulled by animals (
Beasts) over the wheat. An individual stands on this Tribulum (usually a flat sled or sledge. See (Isa 41:15, 16) for a description of a sledge.   

This threshing is a process, whereby the wheat is crushed, stripped, and separated from the chaff leaving only the precious wheat berry after it is winnowed.
(Interesting device this "Tribulum"...look it up on the Internet, pictures and all. It is where we get our word "tribulation" from).  
The meaning of "Tribulation" is great "distress"  and comes to us from a "threshing sledge" used for threshing wheat before it gets sifted.  Jesus told his disciples that Satan has "demanded" to have you men as wheat to sift. 
(See research below)

The meaning of tribulation comes to us from the "Threshing Sledge" used for threshing wheat. 

Jesus said satan has demanded to have you men to sift as wheat.  (Nwt bible)

 ( Luke 22:31) (Niv of the Bible)

tribulation [ˌtrɪbjʊˈleɪʃən]
1. a cause of distress
2. a state of suffering or distress
[from Old French, from Church Latin trībulātiō, from Latin trībulāre to afflict, from trībulum a threshing board, from terere to rub]
Collins English Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged © HarperCollins Publishers 1991, 1994, 1998, 2000, 2003

All Christians,  but especially the chosen ones,  will undergo tribulation.
 (1 Pet 4:12-14) (Rev 2:10)
Jesus said they persecuted him.  Jesus said they would persecute you. 

Is the slave greater than his master is?

The anointed are undergoing this "threshing". 

 “Jesus said, "Simon, Simon, look! Satan has demanded permission sift you as wheat."
 (Luke 22:31) 

Although Satan is behind this "threshing" ...he uses his power over people and things on earth to administer it.  (See Job chapter 1 and 2)  God allowed Satan to test Job...Satan carried out his attack on Job, his flocks, and his children by means of physical things and people.

The Governing Body of the Watchtower today uses the "wild beast organization"... the arrangement of Elders... under it's control... to do the threshing of the chosen anointed within the organization today. 
 The Governing Body is the  harlot that rides this Watchtower Organizational "Wild Beast". 

This threshing results in being refined and "cleansed"?    God is allowing the chosen ones to be disciplined for the "idolatry" that they showed towards the Watchtower Organization during their time there.     
 (Joel 2:24) (Daniel 12:10)
Remember that God allows this, just as he allowed Satan to do it to Job.
 (Job 1:9, 10, 11, 12) (Rev 3:19)

P. S.: See winnowing comment down below.
Did you know that when 'winnowing" the old fashioned way, the threshed wheat is thrown up into the air (heavenward), (they usually picked a windy higher elevation spot for the threshing floor). This "winnowing" allowed the strong "wind" to blow away the chaff, dust, and any remaining impurities so that the final product was "cleansed" grain.
It may interest you to know that the Hebrew word for "wind" is "ruach". Ruach is also used for the spirit of God as well.
I just thought that was an interesting fact. 
Agape, Obadiah.

To examine the scriptures that contain Jesus' words on how to identify the "wheat" from the "weeds"...
See article "Who are the Fine Trees?"